Resourceful Designs

Our waist trainers are built with thermogenics technology that encourage perspiration in the abdominal section, so as to burn more calories.

Accelerate your workouts

Our waist trainers greatly supplement your workouts making each exercise more resourceful than without a waist trainer.

Instant Hourglass

Our waist trainers instantly cinch 2-4 inches, give you a great hourglass silhouette with little to no effort.

Learn more about waist training on our waist training blog.

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What is the perfect female body shape?

What do you think of the ladies in the above picture? Do you like them? Do you admire their current bodies? Would you believe me if I told you that this is not the ideal female body shape? No offence to these models and all the skinny ladies in the world but the fact of the matter is being skinny is not having a perfect body...read more

How long does it take to get waist trainer results

As much as waist training might be hot in the online world, people are still not very educated on the trend. The most frequent question we are asked is, “how long will it take for me to see some results?” (By the way you can check out our frequently asked questions… read more

The ultimate waist training guide

In this guide I will cover everything you need to know about waist training. This guide is a dedicated infographic that is target towards beginners and those interested in waist training.  It can be confusing trying to,… read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is waist training?

Waist training is the process of slimming and reshaping your waist by wearing a garment known as a waist trainer, corset, waist cincher, girdle and body shaper. Waist training can be done with any normal daily activity as long as you have the right waist training garment. We at Royal Lioness define waist training as one of the best means to tackle your body image goals and to introduce you to the Royal Lioness inside you. Learn more about Royal Lioness at the about us section.

How does a waist trainer work?

Our waist trainers work by using a scientific method known as thermogenics (increasing heat at a certain area through metabolic stimulation). Thermogenics is initiated by compressing the waist with a certain type of heat storing material. We make this material by a certain combination of the right percentage of cotton, latex and polyester. Combining this action with your daily activity for a period time, is what leads your body to mold into the shape of an hourglass.

Does waist training work, and how fast will I see results?

The question is, will you work and how willing are you to see results. The garment in itself works best as a supplement that makes you gain results rapidly. Given that its a supplement, you need to be doing other things that work towards achieving your goals. Wearing a waist trainer by itself will only show short term results. Other companies will blatantly lie, stating that you will lose over 4 inches permanently, just by wearing the garment, but this is not true. We at Royal Lioness have worked hard to create the idea waist trainer. You will lose some inches by wearing it by itself but we highly recommend you to also be active. This is because we do not just want to sell you a garment, we want you to be successful enough to unleash the Royal Lioness from within.  If you combine waist training with our garments and a certain waist training exercises, workouts and a great diet, then you should lose AT LEAST 4 inches in one month. We have great articles like this one that goes into this subject and can educate you on things to do to increase the pace of results.

How do I find my size?

First of all we always recommend you order a size up if you are unsure. We also recommend you order 2 trainers, one your size and a smaller size so that you can maintain and sustain the waist reduction. Here is a quick size chart to help you identify your size. 



Does a waist trainer only work on my waist?

No. Our waist trainers have a lot of benefits apart from just slimming your waist. It also helps your posture, reduce your lower back fat, love handles and reduce your lower tummy. If you get a waist trainer with straps, it will do all the things a normal waist trainer does plus lifting up your bust, aligning your shoulders and upper back properly to better help your posture even more. A full body shaper does all the above plus it also works on your butt plus your upper thighs. Go into the product to learn more about it.

Is waist training unhealthy and does it affect my organs?

Absolutely not. There has been a lot of criticism on the negative effects of waist training but it is not true. The media is confusing modern day latex waist training to old school corsets. These are two very different garments. You cannot find any evidence on the negative effects of latex waist training but you can find thousands of proof of the negative effects of corset training. However, we do recommend that you do no over do it. Too much of everything is poison. Do not do over 12 hours a day of waist training because that is not good whatsoever.

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