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So you got a waist trainer, now what?!

In this guide I will cover everything you need to know about waist training. This guide is a dedicated infographic that should aid you on your waist training journey.

It can be confusing trying to find the right waist trainer and the right information on waist training. The internet is supposed to be easy for Christ sake. The truth is, Latex waist trainers are a fairly new thing so the information is not out there like that. So let’s get into the gist of it.

What is waist training?

Like most people, you have heard about waist training through the numerous celebrities talking about it; but what exactly is waist training?

To be specific, it is the process of wearing a girdle/wasit trainer/waist cincher/ body shaper daily to reduce your waistline instantly and supplement your daily and long term fitness activities.  It can be used to slim your waist instantly or to supplement your day to day workouts so as to show result in the long run.

Royal Lioness waist trainers are created with thermal pockets so as to stimulate perspiration in your core. This in turn maximizes the effects of your workouts in the long run. The cherry on top is that you look sexy when you got one on.

Choosing the right size

For a waist trainer to work best, it has to feet you like a glove, a tight one at that.

When it comes to Royal Lioness waist trainers, we usually encourage customers to order a size up if they are not sure or order 2 waist trainers. A large waist trainer is not the same as a large shirt. Either way our customer service team is always here for you. We always offer exchanges for all our customers. For more on sizing, check out How to find your waist trainer size, The video below should answer most of your sizing questions.

How tight should it be?

Waist trainers are tight! It can be overwhelming when you put it on for the first time.

The feeling is similar to diving into cold water. It is instantly overwhelming but you get accustomed to it. You will know the garment is tight if it seems like its rolling or has some signs of bunching. You will know its larger when it doesn’t fully fit your silhouette. When you get your waist trainer, you should hook it up from the bottom up. The hangers should be facing upwards so that the widest part of the waist trainer goes over your hips. Refer to the videos below to learn how to use some of our products:

hook it up from the bottom up. 

How to zip it up

How to use the cream and wraps



Uncomfortable pain is not normal.

No pain no gain. That is true but sometimes pain is a sign that you are OD’ing. You should never overdo waist training. So if the pain is uncomfortable and annoying then you need a different waist trainer. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Getting started

Once you got the right waist trainer, you should ease into it. Like mentioned before, your body needs to adjust to the garment. Most of our waist trainers can be adjusted. Since the tightness is adjustable, then you can start with a loose fit then tighten the shapewear with time. Once your body is accustomed to it, you should have a waist trainer on for around eight hours a day.

Will I get Results

You don’t have to be a Kardashian to get amazing new curves from corset waist training. Anybody can get great results. The key is to chose the right product for your body, and that is what were here for.

The waist trainers by themselves will instantly cinch 2-4 inches off your waist.

Long term results are usually gained if waist training is used as a supplement to your workouts. Waist training by itself on the other hand, shows only short term results.


You can’t expect to maintain anything or change anything with your body if you don’t change your life and habits. Waist training with a healthy lifestyle is ideal situation. Eating well and exercising while you are waist training will show ridiculous long term results in a short period of time. We call it the tipple threat when you waist train regularly, eat well and also exercise often because it guarantees amazing long term results. 

So does it really work?

Yes it does!

However, as mentioned before, if you are looking for long term results, you will have to get off your butt and work as well. The goal is not just for you to cinch off a couple of inches, the goal is for you to Discover your ideal self. Which will happen once you conquer your body image and unleash the Royal Lioness from within.

None the less, I would recommend you check out the before and after waist training images of our customers, what customers are saying and the images below.

      Royal Lioness before and after waist training


So how do I use this thing, what do I do with it?

Simple: you can wear a waist trainer just about anywhere, with almost any outfit! We have multiple options that can cater to almost any environment


  • For everyday wear, choose a color that you can conceal under your clothing. I recommend you get the Thermal Zipper Waist trainer since it is easy to conceal or one of our shapewear.
  • Did you know waist trainers pair well with several other types of shapers? We love the full effect of using a cincher along with our active leggings or butt lifters.


  • Waist training is an excellent choice for the working lady for several reasons. Waist training improves your posture, which can be hugely beneficial if you sit or stand for long ours. Here is a detailed article on this subject matter: Why women with office jobs love waist training.
  • It can also boost your confidence and ensure that you look your best in every single outfit. It helps lay a great foundation for blouses, slacks and skirts.


This isn’t a common practice, nor is it recommended for beginners, but it can be done! 

We recommend you only attempt this, a week or 2, after you are comfortable with your waist trainer.


Although our products are made of high quality, you still need to properly take care of your waist trainer, if you want them to continue to provide high compression. Here’s how to take care of yours:

  • To wash your waist trainer, we recommend you hand wash it with warm water and normal detergent or shampoo, after ever 2 wears (after 1 wear if you are active with it).
  • DO NOT ROLL YOUR WAIST TRAINER. They come with 2 hanging slits to easily hang anywhere.
  • We recommend you get more than one product to easily rotate them, to make sure its fresh and has the ultimate compression.

We have put together a nice infographic to educate you some more on waist training. So without further a dew, here is the ultimate waist training guide

the ultimate waist training guide

Hope you found this helpful. For more articles visit our waist training blog, or our waist training faq section

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