Before and After Waist Training

The Million dollar question is whether waist training works or not. Although we have dove into this subject with numerous in depth articles like “waist trainer results” & “waist trainer review,” the best way to show you would be to include pictures of real success stories from real people.  

Andrea L

Andrea is a registered nurse that was looking for some help in getting her pre- baby body back after having two adorable kids. She was skeptical as most people are, but she gave it a shot and also worked hard. 7 weeks later, she was almost unrecognizable to her friends. ” all my friends and family were amazed at my results and swore that I had surgery. Little did they know..,”

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Octavia C.

Octavia is a Macy’s retail manager that was introduced to Royal Lioness by a co-worker. She did not have much doubt but she was not expecting the results she received. ” I’v always had difficulty getting the body I want, but lord was I amazed. I started noticing changes after week and especially loved how it helped my posture.”


Bought: Royal Purple Waist Trainer

Leah J.

Leah is a college undergrad who decided to get a waist trainer along with her friends for workout purposes. “I had to get a new on in less than 3 weeks! My outfits look great and my posture has gotten much better.”

Bought: Thermal Zipper Waist Trainer

What will your story be?

Ready to start your journey? Let’s create a new before and after story starting today. Yesterday you said tomorrow.

We highly encourage our customers to document there journey to conquering their body image goals. You do not have to publicly share your images, but it is great to keep track of your progress. The only way to correctly notice and measure your changes, would be to keep track of everything. Here are some tips to get started on your waist training journey:

  • Take pictures and measure your waist every week if possible. You will be amazed at the level of inspiration you will get just from loosing a mere inch. 
  • Do not pay too much attention to your weight. Your weight fluctuates on a daily basis and may not be an accurate way to measure your progress. Pictures and measuring your waist are ideal. 
  • Try and take pictures in multiple angles and in the same condition and environment. The best place would be your bathroom where the lighting is good.


How will I get the best results?

Waist training works best as a supplement to a healthy and active lifestyle. We are all here for long term results, and the only way to guarantee longevity is to be active with your waist trainer and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Just having it on and doing nothing will help with but it will not guarantee long term results.

Our thermal technology enables the waist trainers to encourage perspiration around your midsection. Combining this with the waist constriction is what helps you lose those inches. Working out with it one simply intensifies the resourcefulness of your workout by concentrating your efforts towards your midsection. 

Aside from that, just having it on will instantly cinch 2-4 inches of your waist. It also dramatically helps with your posture, greatly boost your confidence and lessens your food consumption. 

If you have more questions or you are ready to get started, we recommend you check out our “Ultimate waist training Guide.” Here are some more before and after pictures, to keep the motivation going. 

Royal Lioness Waist Training Results.

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