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How to exploit Your Natural Curves First things first, Every body is beautiful. So don’t feel some type of way if you are not a certain type of body shape. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you agonize over getting your body to look like an hourglass? If you do, know that there are many women feeling the same way. As hard to believe as it may be, majority of ladies do not have the perfect hourglass shape. (That’s where we come in.) Regardless of the body shape, you still fit in some category. What we try to accomplish is to hide your weaknesses and exploit your strengths. You can feel confident in your own skin with the right garment, like some of our shapers designed for certain body parts. Our body types approximation can be done by just standing naked in front of a mirror. You do not need to measure anything. If anything, most women know there exact body type. If you can, refer to these guidelines whenever you shop and you’ll never go wrong! body1 Hourglass Shape The easiest way to identify this shape is as follows. If your shoulders and hips are proportionally the same size while your waistline is smaller, BINGO! Some extra components is if your waist is about eight inches smaller than your bust and hip measurements. If you are an hour glass, most of the work is done. None the less, the goal is to exploit your strengths. You should emphasize your small waist without adding too much extra bulk or attention to your bust or your bottom. However if you do also want to emphasize on your bust and bottom, then by any means you should go ahead. Remember, exploit your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Attire that lengthens your torso and legs eg high-waisted pants and skirts, will be ideal for you. The cherry on top would be to wear high heels. Some of our shapers that lengthen your look and emphasize your slim waist can be found in our full body shapewear section. These shapewears will slim the waist, abdomen, and hips, and also emphasizing on height and length, creating a beautiful, voluptuous shape. body2 Inverted Triangle Shape This shape is for ladies who have shoulders that are wider than their hips. This was actually me as a matter of fact. I took after my dad and got his bulky shoulders and back. The fact of the matter is this curse can be turned to a blessing. Your goals when dressing should be defining your waist and softening your shoulders. Unfortunately you cannot do nothing about increasing your hip size, but you can decrease your waist size to give that illusion. You can add emphasis to your hips with designs like pocket details and pleats. Like the hourglass shape, Shapers that work great for inverted triangles shapes can be found in our full body shapewear section,  all of which firmly shape your waistline and providing extra support for your bust. body3 Rectangular Shape

body4 Pear shape This shape attains to ladies who have hips wider than their shoulders. The pros of this shape is the fact that you have a well defined waist line and a great bottom. The best strategy is to even out the body by wearing garments that lengthen your silhouette. The key is to try and contrast your lower body by highlighting your upper body. Also exploiting your booty and emphasizing your waist wouldn’t hurt. Garments that create a smooth curve throughout your torso and give your bust a lift are ideal. A good example is the black thermal strapped waist trainer. body 5 Apple shape Apple shapes are ladies who have the same shoulder and hip size, but have a little bigger waist line. Women with apple silhouettes typically have lovely busts, so wear tops with low necklines or small collars. Given the lack of a slim waist line, your normal attire should hide your tummy and emphasize your arms, legs and chest. Some good examples are empire cuts, flared and trouser legs, and wrap dresses. Regarding body shapers, the ideal thing would be to slim your waist. A basic waist trainer like the Royal Purple waist cincher will do the job. Now go conquer the shopping world by buying garments that fit you perfectly. Use this guide to be a step ahead and make sure all your attire complements your body. Hope you found this helpful.


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