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The hunt for the right dress is hectic. It takes time, money and sometimes its warfare to reserve the perfect dress due to others wanting the same dress. Before you step foot into a bridal boutique, you need to be ready with clips and ammo. We have an article that will equip you on the right knowledge here -> your body type. Another thing is to take it a step ahead by having a goal size. Meaning if you are currently an XL, have a goal to fit an L size dress that you really want. That way you go into the store prepared. This strategy eliminates all the extra stress and time it takes to find the right dress and enables you to focus you planning the rest of the wedding. Here are some suggestions that pair your body type with the ideal gown plus the ideal shapewear

  1. Rectangular Shape

This is the shape that a lot of tall ladies have. The issue with this shape is no curves. People say its a white girl thing but all races also have this body type. Your ideal dress should create curves. A gown with contouring seams can create an illusion of curves so that your silhouette looks more like an hourglass. A basic shapewear or waist trainer like the slick black panther waist trainer, will help you in creating some curves. It pulls in your midsection while lifting your bust and your rear.

  1. Hourglass Shape

  1. Inverted Triangle Shape

The main strategy for the ladies with the inverted triangle shape is to balance the body. Voluminous skirts tackle this issue great. Any type of short dress works well in diverging the attention. Shapewears take it even further by slimming certain parts to balance the body well. A body shaper that slims your waist and enhances your rear such as the slick black panther waist trainer will do great. The goal is to walk down the isle with all eyes adoring you.

  1. Apple Shape

The challenge for this body shape is not only finding a balance but also creating a slimmer waist line. A-line cuts are always flattering, just be sure that the bottom half of your gown is balanced with the top. A shapeware that slims and lengthens you mid section would be ideal. Most of the waist trainers found in our waist trainer section will do just that.

  1. Pear Shape

Curvy hips can be greatly exploited with the right dress. A cut that complements your top half, and also emphasize your great bottom will do the magic.  A figure-hugging gown for example can do just that, especially if it has a larger cut at the top. Another thing to do would be to completely ignore your top and focus on your strengths. You can do so with the Colombian body shaper as it lifts your bust, exploit your but and slims your waist while tucking in the top area of your thighs. Hope you found this helpful. References

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