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We women have spent quite a bit of time wondering how someone like Kim Kardashian is able to keep her waist thin, while having such a well-developed sillhoute, especially after having a child. While stars like the Kardashians certainly exercise and watch their diet, much of their attractive appearance is being achieved with help from things most women are not even aware of. Here is the brutal truth about normal workouts and dieting. Although there are millions of ways to losing weight, the main healthy ones are dieting and exercise, and unfortunately they take TOO long!! It is also nearly impossible to emphasize on slimming your waist area so as to have a an hourglass silhouette. People say, “If you just work out and eat healthy you should lose that gut in no time.” (If only it were that easy!) Another brutal truth is after we have conceived our adorable little babies; we now have to go to war with our new bodies. Losing weight after pregnancy can literally be biological warfare and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of a new-born, work, take care of the house and commit to a good workout. The fact of the matter is, if you’re really serious about losing weight while breast feeding, you need to be very systematic with your approach. C631BT Woman measuring waist

Today I’m going to show you a technique that guarantees that you will lose weight faster than you can imagine. Royal Lioness calls it the waist vaporizer technique. The magic that has made multiple celebrities lose weight post baby. Take our loyal customer and my personal friend Crystal Vargas for example. She just had her second adorable son, Sergio. She works at MAC cosmetics in New York City and she didn’t have enough time to take care of her house as much as she desired to. She knew that Sergio would be her last birth and wanted to get her body permanently toned up. Since she was a friend, I introduced her to the waist vaporizer technique and in 1 month she had lost 5 inches off her waist. (Unbelievable.)

So what exactly is the waist vaporizer technique? The waist vaporizer technique is a workout routine that involves a thermal latex/polyester waist trainer and a handful of targeted abdominal exercises. There are three major steps to the waist vaporizer technique:

Step 1: Own a Royal Lioness Thermal Waist Trainer.

Step 2: Do your favourite Quick Cardio Exercise with the waist trainer and a select group of upper, side and lower ab workouts designed to target the inner and outer oblique muscles of your waist.

Step 3: Wear your waist trainers for an extra 2-4 hours after the workout routine.

Why have we named it the why the Waist Vaporizer Technique? Good question. Royal Lioness Waist cinchers are strictly designed to have Thermal Pockets. Using a science known as thermogenics, these Thermal Pockets store heat at the rate that your normally burn calories. Combine the Thermal Pockets and the latex cinching and you now have a garment that naturally sweats out water weight, fat and slowly mold your body into your ideal hourglass shape. Combine this garment with simple and specific waist training exercises and you will be shocked at the results. We have a number of waist training results that will leave you drooling.

Step 1: Before we get into the details let us get one thing clear. Modern day waist training with a rubber/latex waist cincher is not the same as the old school waist training with an extreme, 24 boned corset. The tight corsets were known to misplace your organs and affect your long term health. A modern waist cincher is a latex/rubber waist garment that constrains your waist and holds heat around your waist area. The material allows your body to be agile, flexible, or able to workout and conduct normal daily activities. “Waist trainers are made of latex to increase sweating, and cinched tight to discourage overconsumption,” explained L.A.-based fitness and lifestyle expert Christine Bullock on an interview with style magazine. She says these belly binders are not a hoax, as they do squeeze out retained water and produce results if you work and utilize it well. You can find a detailed waist training review here.

So does waist training work? 


Step 2: The waist vaporizer’s workout techniques are short but plentiful. The routine starts off with a short cardio exercise and then a group of unique ab exercises that target your core area. These workouts include the Scorpion plank, the atomic V-UP, The Side plank Trio and the stacked sit up. (Below is a brief description of the workouts, a detailed explanation with motion images can be found in this article.) The [Scorpion Plank] consists of starting in the plank position and extending your legs toward the sky one by one. You then bring your knee towards your chest and you push it slightly outside.


The [Atomic V-up] consists of starting in a seated position with your palms together and your legs balanced in the air. You then bring your knees towards your chest and twist your core, rotating to the left and then to the right. atomic-v-up

The [Side Plank Trio] consists of beginning in a forearm side plank position. You then dip your hips down and up. Then you connect your knee to your top elbow upwards and then out wards.


The [Stacked Sit up] is a normal sit up with your legs balanced in the air, one on top of the other.


The detailed descriptions can be found in this waist workout guide but I’m sure you catch the drift. You can combine these techniques with your normal workout routine if you have the time, but we found this to work great with recent mothers.

Step 3: At last, the cherry on top! After the workout, it is highly recommended to keep the waist trainer on to maximize the continuation of the vaporization. The waist trainer will store the heat from your workout and keep your core muscles going, post workout. Sort of like leaving your muscles on a workout loop automatically! It is highly recommended that you keep the Royal Lioness Waist Trainer on for at least 2 hours for maximum results. Another important thing is to eat healthy. Healthy eating for waist training can greatly help. The waist trainer automatically forces you to eat less so you should take advantage of that and eat good. These three easy steps will guarantee results in a matter of weeks. Our before and after waist training reviews and images should show you how serious this is. Now go ahead, try it yourself and see the benefits of the Royal Lioness Waist Vaporizer Technique. It will take work and your first week will be challenging, but once you see results you will be addicted. “Here at Royal Lioness, we stand by the words, your body, your rules.” Go get the best affordable waist trainers now to get started! Hope you found this helpful.

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