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A common problem among new mothers, especially those who have given birth to their first child, is getting rid of that “baby-pooch” and being able to fit in their old jeans again. Losing those post-baby mommy tummies seem to require a lot of work, coupled with all the feeding, sleepless nights, potty and sleep training that comes with giving birth. Triggered by new mothers’ dedication to lose that postpartum tummy and getting their old shape back, a number of weight loss methods that cater to new mothers emerged. Among them is currently gaining a lot of popularity – waist training post pregnancy.

post pregnancy weight loss

So how does waist training workWaist training (also called corset or cinch training) involves wrapping your midsection (the part that begins under your ribs and ends with your lower waist) with a corset, latex material, or supportive band. This material is made up of hooks or Velcro that can trim your tummy through continued light compression and thermogenics.

Waist training can be traced back from the Victorian era when ladies used tight bands with hooks for body shaping. Supporting bands or latex materials at that time were much more restrictive and waist training was more aggressive, making activities of daily living difficult. However, results were evident, paving the way for its popularity. Today, waist trainers are making a comeback, wherein waist trainers are now made from more flexible, safe and lighter materials.

People who have tried waist training recommend using the waist trainers 2 to 3 hours a day in the beginning, then gradually increasing frequency of use, moving up to at most 8 hours a day, for a period of 1-2 weeks when waist training post pregnancy. Satisfied users even have claimed that using them for at most 4 months postpartum produced better results. Even a number of Hollywood stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Ciara have testified to the effectiveness of waist training. Followers of these headline-grabbing personalities in different social media platforms have been witnesses to their testimonies on how they got their hourglass figures in no time after pregnancy.

kim kardashian before and after pregnancy

With all the raves and testimonies, new mommies might be curious to check out for themselves the effectiveness of waist training. Does it really work? If it does, how does it really help baby-pooches vanish into oblivion?

Knowing what happens during and after pregnancy may shed light in understanding how beneficial waist training post pregnancy might be. While the baby enjoys staying inside mommy’s pooch, a number of dramatic changes occur. Majority of these changes happen with the tummy’s muscles and tissues, which provide shelter and nutrition to the growing baby. The linea alba, a connective tissue found in the tummy, is sustained by relaxing – an important hormone during childbirth. This hormone causes an upsurge in the amount of water absorbed in the tissues to aid in the nutrition of the baby inside the womb. In turn, the increase in water absorption increases the elasticity of the linea alba. This causes the tissues to stretch in both directions, which is observed with the waistline increasing by as much as 20 inches.


The rectus abdominis, also known as the abs, undergoes major changes as well. As the linea alba increases in width, the rectus abdominis lengthens by as much as 8 inches, to give way to the growing baby. These two bands of muscle which lay side by side before pregnancy, stretch away from each other during pregnancy as the uterus becomes bigger. This occurrence is known as diastasis recti, a common phenomenon in pregnant women.

With all the intense, dramatic and shocking changes occurring, new mothers question the effectiveness of waist training in losing that big belly. Testimonies from actual users and even doctors back up some of the positive claims. Waist training may improve body structure, especially posture, as it provides improved back support, therefore promoting better alignment of the upper and lower torso. New mothers may benefit from something holding their back erect and straight, after 9 months of experiencing severe back pains.

waist training post pregnancy

There are also claims that waist training post pregnancy may speed up the joining of the formerly stretched out rectus abdominis, thereby contributing to that coveted hour-glass figure after childbirth. Waist training also promotes water loss, though not much, from the heat generated by the light compression of the garment to the body. This is responsible for the 2-3 inches lost off the waist after only a week up to a month of use. With mothers being burdened by their weight gain, little gains from waist training improve their mood and feelings of self-worth, in turn promoting better self-confidence.

Initial use of a waist trainer may cause discomfort, especially with breathing. However, after the first 2 days.You should be used to the waist trainer and be in love with it.

Given the pros and cons of waist training post pregnancy, new mothers must consider these factors before jumping into the bandwagon of achieving hour-glass figures, again. Though a lot of positive feedback are given, mommies should also be wary of the short and long-term effects of misusing a waist trainer. Considering their lifestyle and using the waist trainers appropriately will always outweigh the cons presented. However, I do believe that waist training might just be effective for you in vanishing that baby-pooch into oblivion.


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Disclaimer: This is an independent review done by Naadira Burke. It is intended to show her experience with waist training and how it worked for her.  We are not stating that you will receive the exact same results if your purchase any of our products. This is purely for educational purposes.

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