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The role of men and women through the years is constantly evolving due to changes in the environment, although many would contest this, specifically those who still thrive on the ancient paths, because women continue to suffer discrimination from the society. This fact can be confusing having different roles is not equal to subordination–both genders have different roles, but the same equal rights and privileges because both are humans. Treating women as second-class citizens is not okay and will never be.

During the prehistoric era, roles were assigned based on the physical attributes and capabilities of the individual–because men are greater in strength, they were assigned to look for food through hunting game animals and catching fish, while women are the ones gathering fruits, berries, seeds, and other plant-based food items. While both tasks center on finding food for survival in general, what made these two different is the location–men hunt far away from home, usually in forests or lakes, and are gone for days on end, while the women stay close to home because they are the ones taking on the responsibility of nurturing the children. This shows that ever since the dawn of time, women have adapted to the role of being both the provider and nurturer of the home, which, in this modern age, is fairly common.

While these roles changed a little during the Middle Ages by assigning more stay-at-home responsibilities to the females, medieval women started experiencing discrimination when religion, specifically Catholicism, became part of the lives of the people. This is due to the story in Genesis, wherein the  “original sin” was committed by the first woman ever created by God, Eve. Because of Eve’s disobedience, she and her husband, Adam, were banished from the Garden of Eden, a place of abundance and pleasures, to the world full of suffering and strife.

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This story greatly influenced how women were viewed by the society since then. For the men, women are considered inferior and weak in moral faculties, the same as their descendant, Eve. And since religion played a huge role in shaping the beliefs and traditions of the people, women were expected to act based on what the Bible dictates. They are expected to live like the Virgin Mary, chaste and motherly. Women are forbidden to defy their husbands, and must remain quiet at all times so as not to embarrass their spouse. In general, women are greatly suppressed in terms of authority and power. They only live for what their husbands and the society wants and expects them to live.

This treatment towards women did not change even when the Industrial revolution came in. Because of the migration of families towards the urban cities to find work, therefore raising the cost of living, women and children opted to find different sources of income by working in factories. While factories hire more of them, both groups were greatly exploited by making them work 12-14 hours a day, providing next to none safety and sanitation measures to avoid unwarranted injuries and diseases, and paying them way less than what companies pay when men are hired. In truth, factories employ women and children because they garner less salary expenses than if they hire multitudes of men to work for them. Both groups can do even the most delicate of tasks, like making tiny hand stitches and painting small numbers inside clocks and watches. At the same time, women were given limited to no formal education; their reasoning is that women would end up being a housewife anyway, so investing in their education is considered a waste of time.

Fast forward to this era, these clear-cut lines that separate the roles of both men and women are starting to become blurry. Today, it is now acceptable, although partially, for a woman to strive and thrive in their careers despite having children, and a man is now expected to take part in the responsibility of raising his wards and maintaining their home. There are also parents who both work for a living, leaving their children in the care of their relatives and/or housemaids and babysitters. Because of this, many teenagers stray away and live a life filled with vices, which can be related to the rising numbers of teenage pregnancies and abortions, drug-related cases, and reckless behavior among their age group.

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This is most likely the reason why there are people who would rather stick with the traditional gender roles. Women who continues to defy these conventions are most likely to experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace. One male writer, namely Martin Schneider, did a social experiment by swapping his email signatures with the name of his female co-worker, Nicole Pieri, for a week. The results astounded him: most of the clients he encountered while pretending to be a female talked to him rudely and dismissed his opinions. He realized later on why her performance tend to be one of the lowest among them even though they go to work and start at the same time everyday. It was because by the time Martin is working on his second client, Nicole still has to prove her worth and performance to her first client. Because she is a woman, every suggestion and comment she makes are being questioned and judged as inferior and “not good enough.”

Because of prejudice on their gender, the ideology of feminism arose. Feminism is defined as an advocacy to promote equal rights among both genders. According to this idea, women should be given the same treatment and opportunities as men, in careers, education, leadership positions, even in families. Opportunities should not be based on your gender but on your ability to take this opportunity and use it to your advantage.

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Because of this ideology, women’s rights activists started to rise up among their ranks and continue to fight for equality between the sexes. Through their efforts, women are now empowered to speak out and fight for their place in the world as well. They are also encouraged to build themselves up in achieving anything they want to have, be it that high salary, a top leadership position, or a healthy and fit body.

In discovering her ideal self, the modern woman strives to improve every aspect of her life, including her physical self. Thus, having fitness goals and achieve them gives her more confidence to herself and what she can do. Attaining her fitness goals boosts her morale and self-esteem, especially since she knows that she got it through her own efforts.

By conquering her body image goals, the modern woman feels empowered that if she can provide self-control to her body, she can control other aspects of her life as well.

This is what waist training strives to help you with. Corsets, also called waist trainers, may seem like a symbol of oppression because the body shape of a woman can be the source of objectification among men, but on the flip side, it empowers you to discovering your ideal self and be the woman that you have always wanted to be. It encourages you to be disciplined and controlled with the way you eat by letting you consume food in small portions frequently, which is a better practice if you want to achieve your fitness goals in the healthiest way possible, and continue to keep those pounds off. 

Waist trainers also help you in maintaining a good posture that could boost your confidence as well. Aside from that, it could help remind you to be more physically active. By giving you that semi-permanent hourglass figure that you have always wanted to have, it could push you to make the curves permanent by urging you to do core exercises. Not only would you have the sexy curves; you can also achieve that toned abs you only see on celebrities. Waist training could prove to you that if you can conquer the body image you want, you can conquer anything.

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