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The waist vaporizer technique is one that has shown ridiculous results. Wearing a waist trainer and just hoping for results is not the way to go. Putting on a latex waist trainer and doing nothing will only have short term results. Although you may look sexy when you have it hidden under your clothes, the goal is to have long term results. To learn more about the waist vaporizer technique, read this article about the benefits of the technique and how celebrities have been using it. This article will specialize on a handful of waist training exercises that are important for the waist vaporizer technique. These specific workouts target the inner and outer muscles that surround you waist. They target the fat surrounding these muscles and try to get rid of them as much as possible. Combining these techniques with the royal lioness thermal waist trainer is what we call the waist vaporizer technique. This technique is especially useful for ladies who are having difficulty losing weight after pregnancy. We highly recommend you try these workouts with your waist cincher on. Here are the specific waist vaporizer workouts:

Scorpion Plank Begin in plank position, keeping your hands shoulder distance, feet hip distance, and core braced. Balancing on your right foot, pike your hips toward the sky and kick your right left leg as high towards the sky as possible. Then Bend the knee and try to kick your glute, opening slightly through the hip as you brace your core. Lengthen the leg, square the hips, and shift forward to a single-leg plank. Now draw the left knee into and across the chest—aiming your knee toward your right elbow. Finally, re-extend the left leg and lower it to the ground to return to your starting plank position. Repeat five times on each side, alternating right and left.

Side Plank Trio Begin in a forearm side plank with elbow under shoulder and feet stacked. (You can drop the bottom knee to modify.) Place the top hand behind your head with a bent elbow. This is your start position. Dip your hips down and hover above the ground. Use your core to lift back up to your start position. Now hover your top leg. Draw the top elbow and knee together directly above your hips. Re-extend your arm and leg. Draw your elbow and knee together again, this time in front of your body and parallel to the ground. Return to start position. Repeat 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left.

Stacked Sit-Up Begin lying on your back with your legs extended, your right heel stacked on top of your left toe and your hands behind your head. Engage the core, floating the chest, head, and both legs off the ground. This is your start position. Begin to draw your knees and chest together as you rotate the opposite elbow toward the top knee, making sure to squeeze the legs together. Return to starting position. Repeat 10 times on the right and 10 times on the left, continuing to hover the legs above the ground between repetitions.

As you can see, these workouts will only take a a maximum of 15 minutes. Combining these with your thermal waist trainer is what will show quick results. All I can recommend is don’t get addicted, because with results comes addictions. Go ahead and try the waist vaporizer technique yourself. The best way to get your waist trainer results is to work and sweat with it. To those if you still asking, “does waist training work?” you can read my waist training review here and my other waist training articles here. See you on the Royal side.
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