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There are millions of people today that don’t feel as though they can have that perfect body. In fact, more than 70% of women today, according to research, don’t feel comfortable with their body, and that’s unfortunate. Men also feel the brunt of society, but the numbers shift wildly when comparing the two. The perfect body today usually gets promoted on television, in movies, and throughout culture. There are ways that you can change the way that you feel, and even shape your body a bit. Whether you want to train your waist, or you want to lose weight, you can change your body image and gain more confidence. Everything isn’t about the numbers, but rather how you feel. If you feel great, confidence, and beautiful, then you can feel great every day. With that in mind, consider the following ways that you can start to gain the upper hand with confidence, and boy acceptance overall.

Find An Active Hobby

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One of the biggest factors in confidence and self-worth is isolation. In fact, many people seek out therapists and more to help them deal with depression and issues that come with self-worth due to isolating. If you are not out and about, you may not feel the glory that comes with confidently enjoying your life. A way to change this is to look into being more active. You don’t have to join a gym and start training for the Olympics. Instead, you should look into focusing on an active hobby that will help you enjoy life a bit more.

The easiest way that you can pursue this is simple, go to your local parks and recreations center. Every major city has one, and every season they have games that you can join. From kickball to softball to swimming or even yoga, you can join a league and play with others that are at the same skill set that you are. This helps in several ways. It lets you get active, and it helps you find friends that will feel like you do, and over time, you will start to lose weight, and enjoy your community’s offerings a bit more. You may even find love, or a best friend, all by avoiding the isolation that comes with boredom and staying out of the community offerings, simple as that.

Eat A Lot Better – Slowly

Here’s the big thing, eating is an important part of life. You want to make sure that you eat a lot better. Now, don’t assume that this means that you need to get on a diet. That’s not what this is about. What you need to do instead is to slowly introduce new foods into your life that make you feel good. Sure, we all have comfort foods, and it’s great. But stay away from the traditional and test out new fruits, new vegetables, greens, and more. There’s so much more to explore in this arena.

When you eat better, you will start to feel better, and your body image will change. You may start to lose weight; you may find a new favorite fruit or vegetable. There’s so much more out there than you may be used to, and eating better, even if it starts slowly, you’ll start to feel better overall. This is a wonderful thing, no doubt. This gives you a sense of adventure, and it slowly becomes a confident boosting element that will absolutely change your life for the better.

Join A Support Group


There are support groups for anything you may find yourself dealing with. From depression to weight loss, to just about anything that may ail you. These usually have small groups of people discussing their lives, the feelings they have, and it just helps. It helps you open up and discuss how you’re feeling and what may be going on. This could be a religious thing, or it could be non-denominational, but it helps you in a variety of ways. It mainly helps you see your body and life in a different manner. You’ll find others that will help you enjoy your life. You’ll meet new people, new friends, and you’ll be around others that are struggling with what you are. You cannot underestimate the power of friendship and support within this type of opportunity. You’ll be blessed, you’ll feel great, and it’s all a matter of simply going through the motions of showing up to a meeting.

If you seek out friends or support groups, many of your issues with accepting yourself will fade away fast. More of this can be found in Anna Almendrala’s, “Your Friends Affect Your Health A Lot More Than You Think.

Become More Grateful Through Lists

Perhaps one of the simplest thing to do in hopes of improving body image is to look into being more grateful through creating lists. You can create a top 5 or top 10 list daily. Just start by writing down what you are thankful for. Date it, and put it in a notebook and just keep moving forward. You’re going to find that there’s something beautiful that comes over you as a result. The more you build your list, the more pages you fill, the better you will feel about yourself, and your body image. There’s just some absolutely great benefits to being more grateful and mindful of your world. More of this can be found on Marelisa Fabrega’s article, “How Gratitude Can Change Your Life.”

As you grow more grateful, you’re going to find that body image will no longer be a big issue. Now, this is not something that you are going to change things overnight. That’s the one thing that you will need to remember. You may take a full year of doing this before you start feeling absolutely confident in your body, and your life. Others will take only a few weeks, but the goal is to be mindful, grateful and simply smile at the things around you. There’s so much to be grateful for, and it can change your body acceptance overall.

There’s never a bad time to lose weight. Many people’s body image issues stem from weight gain and losses. If you remember nothing else, remember this, losing weight takes time. If you commit yourself to a longer term, slow lifestyle change, you’ll have a tipping point where you will see your weight diminish and your confidence rise through a better acceptance of your body. Your confidence will grow, even if it doesn’t happen overnight. Just enjoy the ride, it’ll pay off, if you just stay steady on the course.

I would love to include waist trainers are another tip but I have written tens of thousands of words about this. Check out some of these articles to learn more:

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Your body is the only thing you own and can take with you wherever you go. Cherish it. If you want to change it for the better, take the steps toward changing it, regardless of how daunting it may seem.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.

— Lao Tzu

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