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The Science of Waist Training

An increasing number of women are taking a strong interest in training their waist. Everybody seems agog at the idea that you can reshape and slim down your waist simply by using a garment that people refer to as a body shaper, girdle, waist clincher, corset, or waist trainer. There are many questions that need to be answered, though, so that you know exactly what to expect when you buy this garment. Specifically the Royal Lioness Waist trainer

The science of our waist trainers employs the process known as Thermogenics which by way of metabolic stimulation increases heat specifically on the waist area to stimulate it to assume the contours you desire.

Our waist trainers are garments that are designed to do just this. They compress the waist and use the heat-storing combination of polyester, latex, and cotton in carefully calculated proportions to help shape your body into a silhouette commonly referred to as an hourglass figure. The heat stimulates you to perspire around your waist, burning more calories, and dissolving specific fatty tissues in your abdominal area.

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Royal Nude Waist trainer

Royal Nude Waist trainer

There are many things to take into account when using the garment though.


Not all women are built the same. Some can indulge in carbs and get away with it. Some have only to take a slice of cake and watch the carbs sit not-so-prettily on their hips. Some women are blessed with fantastic genes – naturally beautiful shape, super-fast metabolism, and very little subcutaneous or visceral fat. Some are not. You have to take all these into consideration so that you do not create unrealistic expectations.

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Muscle Tone, Fat Distribution, and Water Retention

Muscle is thicker and more compact than fat. If you are really muscled around the abdomen, it will take you far longer to achieve a smaller waist. There are, however, specific exercises to help stretch the ligaments and tendons and work out the muscle in order for you to acquire a significantly smaller waist.

Visceral fat is found underneath your abdominal muscles and amongst the internal organs. Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is found underneath the skin and directly above your muscles. It will take you far longer to reach results if your body fat is of the visceral rather than the subcutaneous type. Subcutaneous fat is easier to get rid of.

If you retain water a lot, it is highly probable that your waist and abdominal area are hefty because of this. It is easy to lose water weight. If you do waist training with a demanding aerobic exercise program, you are likely to get the smaller waist that you want more quickly. I would recommend the waist training exercises we that we offer for the waist vaporizer technique.

Does Waist Training Work?

The most commonly asked question about the process is Does waist training work?” “how long does it take to get waist training results?

The answer depends on you. You will be able to get rid of some inches simply by wearing a waist trainer, but Royal Lioness is not about mediocre results, we want you to be chase after great, long term results. Contrary to what some unscrupulous companies promise (like the permanent loss of over 4 inches simply by using the garment), you need to combine the use of the garment with a sensible diet, regular exercise, and specific waist training workouts to get the best results. (BTW, a company that sells you something without educating you on what they are selling is not trying to help you.) This powerful combination guarantees the loss of at least 4 inches within a month


You have to faithfully put in the work required to achieve results. There are certain factors which may come into play – including your present physical condition and shape, your genetic make-up, as well as your metabolism. However, it is your determination and your actions, supplemented by the use of the garment, which will play a decisive role in helping you achieve your goals.

What should you do to ensure fast and effective results?


You sweat more when you are physically active. Exercising while using a garment that induces perspiration around your waist is a potent way of streamlining the said area.

Draw up a Sensible Eating Plan

Even if you exercise diligently while wearing your shaper, you will be set back if you do not draw up and stick to a sensible eating plan. It does not have to be an inflexible, no-fun eating plan. It simply needs to be sensible, healthy, and sustainable.

Commit to your Goals

You need to commit to your goals. You buy yourself the garment because you want to have a more shapely body and to become more physically fit. Getting the garment and using it once a week will not cut it. This is similar to paying a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals – and not show up for your sessions.

Cultivate a Healthy Lifestyle

The garment works best if it plays a supplementary role to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If you wear this specially-designed garment day and night but remain a couch potato consuming high-calorie snacks the entire time, you will not see the results that you want.

But if you use this garment, which stores heat around your waist causing you to perspire profusely – and you do heart-pumping aerobic exercises on a regular basis, you can be sure to see the inches melt right off your waist. If you check out my waist training before and after, and some of our waist trainer results, you will see what I mean.

Having this garment is an exceptional motivator. Research shows that women who invest in our garments become highly motivated to add exercise and diet to their regimen in the hope of reaching their fitness goals faster. They tend to choose food more carefully and to eat more sensibly and wisely.

They are also more inclined to put on their work-out shoes and go to the gym – or run, trek, bike, and dance or exercise the way they see fit. When they see their regimen start to work, they become further motivated to keep at what they are doing – their initial success inspiring them to continue on their path to even greater and more dramatic fitness changes.

Most importantly is that the motivation does not only affect your fitness endeavours but all your other goal endeavours. This is why we call ourselves Royal Lioness is because we help you discover this goal conquering, fit being inside of you that is fearless and confident.

Other Benefits

In combination with exercise and sensible eating, waist training will definitely help you get the slimmer waist that you have long longed for. This is not all that the garment can offer, however. It is also useful for helping you improve your posture, lessen the fat on your lower back, and trim down your lower abdomen. The ones that come with straps even lift up your bust and align your upper back and shoulders properly. A full one, in addition to doing all that has been mentioned, also works on your upper thighs and your buttocks.


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