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Andrea L

Royal Lioness results 1

Andrea is a registered nurse that was looking for some help in getting her pre- baby body back after having two adorable kids. She was skeptical as most people are, but she gave it a shot and also worked hard. 7 weeks later, she was almost unrecognizable to her friends. ” all my friends and family were amazed at my results and swore that I had surgery. Little did they know..,”

Octavia C.

Octavia is a Macy’s retail manager that was introduced to Royal Lioness by a co-worker. She did not have much doubt but she was not expecting the results she received. ” I’v always had difficulty getting the body I want, but lord was I amazed. I started noticing changes after week and especially loved how it helped my posture.”

Royal Lioness results 2

Leah J.

Royal Lioness results 3

Leah is a college undergrad who decided to get a waist trainer along with her friends for workout purposes. “I had to get a new on in less than 3 weeks! My outfits look great and my posture has gotten much better.”

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