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Women hoping to attain hourglass figures have been watching the kardashians fasten around their midsections with waist trainers and body shapers. The Kardashians have acclaimed most of there weight loss to the modern day corset. The fact of the matter is, the kardashians claiming that waist training has helped them lose baby weight and get magnificent bodies has raised a lot of eye brows. Kim Kardashians started the trend by posting selfies in the “kardashian waist trainers” on Instagram, caliming that she is “obsessed.” As you may imagine, all her sisters ended up doing the same thing and the results have been astonishing. Here are some before and after waist training pictures of the kardashians. Khloe kardashian weight loss before and after waist training. Kim kardashian before and after waist training. Kourtney kardashian before and after waist training. Any lady who has experienced pregnancy can tell you that this is amazing. Khloe was not pregnant, but she has always been big her whole life. The fact of the matter is, these beautiful ladies have lost tremendous weight that usually takes a long time to lose. The crazy part is that they credit it to a latex garment that seems to mimic the ancient Victorian practice of waist slimming. Of course there will be some critics stating that there is no evidence that this weight loss was due to waist training. Given there net worth they could easily afford surgery or top notch fitness instructors and health advisers. I completely agree, but then I saw the pictures of the kardashians waist training.

kim kardashian waist training kourtney kardashian waist training kloe kardashian waist training.

The question every one always asks is, does waist training work?

Critics also state that, they could just be marketing a product to make some money because that’s how they make there living. This is also very true, the kardashians do make a lot of money marketing products. It just so happens I am a business woman who knows a little bit on product endorsements and marketing. My research has showed me that the kardashians were introduce to waist training by a common friend. All they were told is to give it a try. Ever since then they have been advocating the product and helped that friend increase her sales dramatically. Also, in the business side of things, if you can afford to have, not one, but all three kardashians endorse your product, the goal is to make the most out of that endorsement. Which means tv ads, billboards and however more marketing you can do to ensure that the masses know that the kardashians are using your product.

As much as it may seem hard to believe, the Kardashians, and many other celebrities who waist train, did actually lose weight because of these latex garments. I do not know why a lot of people are against the fact. There may be some other hidden agendas as to the negativity, but I know it worked for me and many of my friends, family and customers. The only way to be certain is if you tried it yourself. There are many talks of how waist training helped so many ladies lose weight, but there are also many talks of how waist training is not good and its unhealthy. However, it just so happens that there is so much proof of waist training working, and no proof whatsoever that waist training is harmful to your health. Literally nothing! If you find something please email me or comment on this post. All I could find was how corsets are harmful to you, but nothing at all about modern day waist training.

So you tell me. A garment that celebrities credit for their tremendous weight loss, one that many articles are saying is unhealthy and yet all the evidence proves that it is actually a great tool for weight loss. The choice seems to be straight forward. Hope you found this helpful.

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