Waist training is one of the simplest and most effective ways to lose inches off your waist. Our waist trainers take it a step further by introducing thermal technology that increases perspiration around your midsection. This in turn helps you burn more fat increasing the resourcefulness of your workouts and regular activities. Our waist trainers are also made of strong material with elasto steel bones that dramatically help your posture. 

………………………. IT NATURALLY HELPS ………………………. 

Instantly lose 2-4 inches

Support your back

Enhance your workouts

Boost confidence

What we offer

The woman who moves mountains
begins by carrying away small stones.

Our goal is to help you conquer your body image goals. Science shows that the accomplishment of challenging goals initiates a goal conquering domino effect and enables us to live with purpose. Many women consider body image goals to be challenging. We aim to help you overcome that challenge. The Royal Lioness is a ferocious being that gobbles each and every challenge in their path. By us helping you overcome your body image goals, we enable you to discover your Royal Lioness, which is ultimately your ideal self.  


Get Started with any of our super popular thermal waist trainers. Feel free to chat with us at any time if you have any questions.

waist trainer $49.00 USD

Royal Lioness Strapped Waist Trainer
Royal Lioness Strapped Waist Trainer
Royal Lioness thermal zipper waist trainer
Royal Lioness purple waist trainer
Royal Lioness Strapped Waist Trainer