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Ahhh…. The beauty of pregnancy. Although we all love the creation of life, its impossible to ignore the trials and tribulations women have to go through. I mean, there are a lot of cons that come with being pregnant, but one of the top cons on my scale is the extra weight. The fact of the matter is, your stomach literally swells like a gigantic balloon, and losing that is no joke. Scientifically speaking, your body stores extra adipose (fancy way of saying fat) tissue to support the fetus and birth. stomach

Now I’ve seen so many ladies get pregnant, and lose weight post pregnancy in just a couple of months. Almost as if nothing ever happened (in fact I’ve had a friend who continued her modeling career after giving birth twice, with no issues.) These ladies can actually make you believe that babies get delivered by pelicans. Although some ladies lose weight fast,it takes others a lot longer to get to their pre-pregnancy shape.  (Side note: studies have shown that those who are active throughout their pregnancy are more likely to have a healthy birth and bounce back faster!)


Pregnancy bellies are very tricky. Most of the time your abdominal muscles are damaged or stretched out after having a baby.This is called a diastasis (… which is a separation of the outer layer of your abs.)Diastasis are somewhat common after giving birth. Do not freak out if you think you may have one! It is a separation caused by stretching out the linea alba or the connective tissue between the right and left side of your abs. If you do have a diastasis best thing is to start training your core! So how do you lose belly fat fast?  There are multiple ways to get back to your pre-pregnancy body, but here are some that I recommend.

  1. Get our waist trainersAs I have said a thousand times, waist trainers really show tremendous results. It’s like a fast forward remote that just speeds up the process of losing belly fat. This will also help you gain good posture and eradicate the lower back pain. (Read my waist training review to learn more.)
  2. Hit the gym! Start weight training three to five days a week, and try and do some cardio exercises at least three times a week. Ideally you should be interval training for optimal fat loss!
  3. Focus on your core! Duh! Yes belly fat is mainly lost through core exercises. We have a great article on waist training exercises that make you lose belly fat fast! A good routine is the waist vaporizer technique.
Hope you found this helpful. For more articles visit our waist training blog.
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