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I’m sorry folks but that’s just the cold truth. People who know me ask me all the time how I managed to lose weight and I usually tell them the Royal Lioness waist trainer. Unfortunately that is not the only reason why I lost weight. Although waist training played a huge part in my weight loss adventure, there were some other key components that contributed to my current body state. Those other components were eating well, exercise and staying active. For a waist trainer to work, you need to sweat. That’s the purpose of the thermal pockets in it. Also, waist training forces you to eat less due to the cinching. You should take advantage of that and only eat healthy foods. The fact of the matter is, you need to change your life. It’s the things we do now that determines what tomorrow will bring. Here are some good illustrations to guide you on healthy eating that will help you lose weight. fitness1

fitness3 fitness4

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