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Health benefits of good posture Good posture is one of the most undervalued attributes of good health. Most people are aware of small posture tips like not slouching and not to sit all day. However they are not aware of the fact that good posture benefits your long term health and wellbeing? Good posture literally increases the number of years in your life. A great thing about waist trainers is that they improve your posture tremendously. Wearing your waist trainer for a week can show tremendous change to your posture. A good selection of great posture waist trainers can be found in our full body waist trainers category, also known as body shapers. I have a good article on the pros and cons of waist training that can be found here (waist training review.) Given what we know about posture, study shows that its something one should pay great attention to. Here’s why:

  1. Your confidence is affected.

An upright lady is a confident lady? It doesn’t take a scientist to know a simple fact. However, study says that good posture not only makes you seem confident; it also makes you feel more confident as well. People slouching are less likely to get a job compared to people with good posture. Would you higher an individual who is slouching in an interview or an upright sited lady? Your posture affects the way you think about yourself.

  1. It boosts your energy.

Sitting up straight can actually replace your starbucks addiction. Good posture literally affects your brain—in the form of your mood and your energy. Whenever you start feeling lethargic, try getting up and moving around, and then mindfully keep your posture straight if you go back to sitting again.

  1. It reduces stress.

  1. It helps you beat fear and anxiety.

By now you see how good posture affects your psych and emotions. With correct posture you can also reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. The way you are sitting affects your physical response to psychological stress. A relaxed body means a relaxed brain.

  1. It increases productivity.

Sitting or standing up straight increases testosterone production (yes, for women too), which helps you focus and get your work done. Starbucks will not like reading this article… Good posture = getting stuff done.

  1. It gives you more oxygen.

Straight posture optimizes the way you breathe. Study says good posture increases your intake of oxygen by 30%. The more oxygen you have in your blood the more energy you have. So get your self a body shaper and better your posture.

Hope you found this helpful. For more articles visit our waist training blog

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