Royal Lioness

The only shapewear company that introduces you to the ideal you; by helping you conquer your body image goals.


What We Offer

One word that can describe what we offer is Arête. A Greek word that means excellence of any kind. We aim to make you live with Arête. How do we do this? By simply helping you conquer your body image goals. We truly believe that the accomplishment of challenging goals is what enables one to live with Arête. Body image goals are considered challenging to most ladies. By helping overcome that challenge and accomplish that goal, we then unleash what we call the Royal Lioness from within. The Royal Lioness is a ferocious being that gobbles each and every challenge that comes into ones path. We believe that accomplishing your body image goals is a trigger for a domino effect that enables you to accomplish even more challenging goals. By helping you overcome one goal, we introduce you to your Royal Lioness. A being that lives with Arête

To allow each and every one of our customers to accomplish their body image goals and live with Arête.

Expect a great personal relationship with us. You are not just buying a great garment from us, you are also making friends. Friends who are here for you and who will guide you through the process of accomplishing your body image goals. We are known for our great customer service but most importantly we are known for being friendly. Our friendship is what will enable you to conquer your body image goals and get introduced to the Royal Lioness from within you. 

  • Customer Service 100% 100%
  • Quality Products 100% 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

How do we help you unleash the Royal Lioness?



We guide you the process of finding the right garment that will help you get the right results.



We aid and direct you through your journey with tips and knowledge until you have accomplished your body image goals.



You then get introduced to Your Royal Lioness. Seeing the results that you have gain will quadruple you moral and confidence level. So make sure you take pictures.

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Try waist training today. Royal Lioness offers FREE shipping in all USA orders. With our 30 day guarantee, you can return it and get a refund if you are not satisfied. The sooner you start waist training, the sooner you can reveal the confident sexy Royal Lioness inside you! Let us help you discover your Royal Lioness.

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