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1. 11X10 foot workout area.
2. One of our thermal waist trainers.
3. Water for hydration during breaks.

Click here for the printable high resolution image and save it or print it. 

We know the highly coveted hourglass figure is what most women want, and we also know it is not that easy to attain it. This is why we work hard on introducing products and programs to help women achieve that goal. This challenge is a great example of that.

This program incorporates daily waist training with core-strengthening exercises to give you that hourglass silhouette. The workouts have been highly researched and tested to make sure that you get results within that time period. Be sure to take progress photos and share them with us on twitter and Instagram using #royallioness.

We highly recommend you get one of our thermal waist trainers to use with this guide. They work well as a supplement to this routine and will guarantee a loss of a couple of inches of your waist. 

The science of our waist trainers employs the process known as Thermogenics which by way of metabolic stimulation increases heat specifically on the waist area to stimulate it to assume the contours you desire.

Our waist trainers are garments that are designed to do just this. They compress the waist and use the heat-storing combination of polyester, latex, and cotton in carefully calculated proportions to help shape your body into an hourglass figure. The heat stimulates you to perspire around your waist, burning more calories, and dissolving specific fatty tissues in your abdominal area.

The process:

The workouts are pretty simple and are the same through out the 30 days. The only thing that changes is the number of reps each week. They start out low on the first week then they increase each week after that. The goal is to strengthen your core while burning fat in your midsection. If you stick to the guide you will get results.

If you are committing the next 30 days to a fitter body and a slimmer, stronger waist, then I want you to save this image or even print it out and post it to your social media. Ask your friends to join in and use the hashtag #30dayhourglass.

If you’re in, comment “I’m in!” and make sure you post the date you start. We highly recommend you take pictures so you can track your progress. 

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