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Waist training has been going on for years but people are still confused as to what exactly it is. We wrote an article defining what waist training is and elaborating the difference between waist training and corset training that can be found here.

Given that waist training has been going on for centuries, the new modern way of waist training has just become a hot thing due to the recent public celebrity use. Ever since people like the kardashians endorsed waist training, it has been one of the hottest weight loss garments in our century. It even made fake brand Chinese products like the Kardashian waist trainer pop up.

As the trend grows, people are still unaware on what exactly waist training is and how it works. So we compiled a short list of things that you should know about waist training. I put it in question and answer form to make things simpler.

  1. Is waist training the same as corset training?

They may be similar and related but they are two totally different things. Waist training is the process of gradually slimming one’s natural waist size by wearing waist trainers, waist cincher, girdle or body shaper. Corset training is the same process, but using a corset. Corsets are also used for multiple other things like fashion and fun. I go in detail regarding the difference between the two on this article.

  1. Why have celebrities all of a sudden started waist training?

In this recent decade, the hourglass figure has been worshiped and glorified more publicly due to media and social media. Attaining this ideal body shape has become a necessity for celebrities so as to have the goddess impersonation. A lot of celebrities have then tried to achieve this perfect hourglass shape both naturally and unnaturally. Celebrities like kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Amber Rose, Jessica Alba, etc. Another interesting thing is the fact that plastic surgery, implants and injections have been on the verge as well just so as to attain this perfect hourglass shape. We also go into detail as to why there has been a celebrity crave of waist training in our article “does waist training work?” The fact of the matter is, a voluptuous body with a small has always been the it thing. It is just bigger now due to the growth of public media and social media.

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  1. How do you get started with waist training?

The best way to get started with waist training is with the waist vaporizer program. I recommend this to everyone because its not just about waist training, it also includes dedicated exercises and a lifestyle that shows quick long term results. I talk about this in detail on the waist vaporizer technique article. You can sign up below to learn more on the waist vaporizer program. [et_bloom_locked optin_id=optin_3][/et_bloom_locked]

  1. What are the benefits/results of waist training?

Apart from sliming your waist and giving you the ideal hourglass shape, there are a handful of other benefits that waist training has to offer. One of the benefits is that you get to see yourself in a different light. Seeing yourself in the mirror with 4 inches of your waist may change your life. Like I mentioned before, curviness is glorified and has become a necessity to many women. Seeing a curvy version of you can be very empowering and will encourage you to do whatever it takes to maintain that. Another great thing is your posture and your back. The difference in posture before and after waist training is also life changing. I also go in detail about the benefits of waist training in our article titled, “why you should waist train.”

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  1. Is waist training just a quick alternative to people who don’t want to put in work, diet and exercise?

Not at all. The truth of the matter is, no amount of exercise, yoga or diet can slim your waist dramatically as a waist trainer. However, a waist trainer works best as a supplement to your fitness lifestyle. Wearing by itself is great, but it does not show long term results. We highly recommend exercise and diet in addition to your waist training. I also believe that there is a  psychological benefit from wearing a waist trainer that people don’t take into consideration. I mentioned before that waist training helps your posture. Upright posture is the shape of confidence. Having great posture makes you feel confident and appear confident as well. Seeing yourself lose those inches will also encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain that body.

  1. Does waist training really work and How long does it take to see results?

There are a lot of determinants to the results of waist training but the fact of the matter is that it works. One of the determinants is how pliable the muscles and fart in your abdominal area are. Your lifestyle genetics and commitment are the three major determinants. Our article, “how long does it take to gain waist training results?” and, “does waist training work?” go in detail about this subject.

  1. Once you start waist training, what do you have to do to maintain the new hourglass shape?

Two major things you need to do are to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle, and also reduce your waist trainer size as your waist slims. We usually recommend our customers to buy two waist trainers. One that fits you like a glove and one that is smaller. That way, once your waist size reduces, you can then fit in the smaller size. Combining waist training with a healthy diet and an fitness lifestyle is the most highly recommended thing. Like I mentioned before, waist training works best when used as a supplement to your fitness lifestyle. I have seen many ladies have dramatic life changing results when combining the two. Not also forgetting the results are quick and this is actually what celebrities are doing.

  1. What happens if I don’t make efforts towards maintaining the new hourglass shape?

It’s just like anything that is out there. When you exercise, diet or do anything life changing, then top doing that. The results become nonexistent. They disappear as if they were never there. Same applies to waist training. If you start waist training, then stop after a month or so, you might as well never have started in the first place. Everything in this world that has been attained through an active process needs to be maintained by the same active process. (That line should be in a philosophical book right…, coming soon.)

  1. How do you pick the right waist trainer?

Quality and comfortability is key. Before you buy the product, its best if you know the company that is selling to you first. You can buy some cheap trainers off ebay with no problems whatsoever, but quality is really important. Your waist trainer needs to fit you like a glove and needs to work long enough for you to get results. The best thing to do is to visit a companies resource base and learn about their products. You can even call them up just to get a hang of things and to get some aid. Once all is done, the customer service rep should be able to put you on the right path and get the right shapewear for you.

10. Any words of wisdom for people like me who want to try waist training?

I have thousands of words of wisdom that can be found on our waist training blog. For now, what I can say is that waist training needs to be done right. Like anything else worth doing in this world, it needs to be done well and with commitment. If you want results, you have to commit to the choice you made as to how you will attain those results. The fact of the matter is waist training works. There are thousands of people who will swear by it and thousands of results and reviews that can be found online. What they don’t tell you however is that it only works best if and only if you work. It’s all in your hands. You directly control how quick you will get results and how valuable those results are. So make sure you keep that in mind while starting the waist training process.


With all that being said, I recommend you join our waist vaporizer program. The program involves a basic instruction book on how to waist train and what exercises to be done during the waist training program that target specific fats and muscles. It also includes a juicing recipe that works great. This is a program that hundreds of our clients have used and show tremendous results. If you are interested in the waist vaporizer program, sign up below and we can get started.



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